Select New Zealand White Clovers,
Ladino Clover, White Dutch Clover, Chicory,
Plantain, Small Burnett, Trefoil

  • Perennial
  • 3-5 year stand
  • High Protein
  • High Nutrition
  • Very Palatable

Plant April 15-June 1 or  Aug. 1-31  
(upper mid-west dates).

This exciting 100% perennial blend will
outdraw straight clover and clover-chicory
blends.  It has that extra something to put
deer into your plot.  Also draws turkeys for
the clovers, chicory and insects.

Deer are natural browsers, they pick the
plants that are the most succulent.
G-FORCE™ blend uses a wide variety of
plants with variable maturity dates, giving
deer more to choose from.   
contains our reliable clovers, plantain and
extra chicory with small burnett (a cucumber
smell they can't resist) and trefoil.

Our #1 Selling Perennial Blend!  
MAXI-RACK G-FORCE™ to work for you
this year!
2.25 lbs (1/4 Acre)   $21.95
9 lbs (1 Acre)   $65.95
SALE $61.95
27 lbs (3 Acres) $169.95
ROTATE (ie: Ballistic 1
year -
oats, wheat, corn,
soybeans, annual clover,
etc. the next year)
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Our #1 Selling Perennial Blend!
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6-12 lbs       $12.95
13-20 lbs    $18.50
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