Annual Clovers

  • Annual
  • Perfect Annual Rotation Plot
  • Tender & Luscious

Plant May 15 - August 31 (upper mid-west dates)  

Delicious and attractive, a great kill plot.  Plant alone,
grains can be added to the plot later in the season
(September in the upper mid-west) for more variety and a
longer lasting food supply.  

Beulah Land™ comes up quick and vigorous, can also
be planted as a cover crop for your perennial blends.  
You’ll be amazed by these clovers!

Great blend to rotate with brassicas!  Brassicas should
not be planted in the same plot 2 yrs in a row.  Plant
Beulah Land™ every other year to give your plot a rest
and your deer a treat!
4 lbs (1/4 Acre)  $11.49
8 lbs (1/2 Acre)  $21.95
16 lbs (1 Acre) $39.95
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bulb-producing plots
(ie: Ballistic 1 year -
oats, wheat, corn,
soybeans, annual clover,
etc. the next year)
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