Chicken Oats
Easily grow tender, green oats for your
backyard chickens . . . a great treat!

  • Simply plant the seed in any
    flower pot (even an ice cream
    pail will do) filled with soil (dirt).

  • Cover with 1 inch of soil, water
    daily, and watch the oats appear.

  • What kind of soil? Any, just
    make sure it doesn't contain any
    fertilizer or other things you
    don't want your chickens eating.

  • When the oats are 3-6 inches
    tall, place the entire pot in your
    chicken's enclosure and watch
    them enjoy!

  • When finished, replant and start
    the process all over again!

Chicken Oats (conventional) 3 lbs $6.00
Chicken Oats (conventional) 10 lbs $12.00
We keep several pots growing all the time, ensuring there will be fresh oats for our chickens every
couple of days.  Grow some in the house for fresh greens anytime of the year (they grow great
growing in the windowsill or under a natural light bulb).  

Alternatively, you can also let them get 5-6" tall, cut them down to 3", feed the cuttings and let them
grow again before feeding the whole pot (only do this once or twice before feeding the whole pot or
the oats will start to get too tough).

Your chickens will go crazy for fresh Chicken Oats!
Chicken Oats (conventional) 25 lbs $25.00
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