(Hard Red Winter Wheat, Oats, Peredovik Sunflower,
Big Dog Radish)

Annual.  Plant Aug. - Sept. 15
(northern states, later in other areas)

Run out of time to get your foot plot planted? Plant
BUSHWACKER™ late summer/early fall for lush, green
forage in time for fall hunting!

A fall blend that is available to a limited area (due to the
bulkiness of the seed).
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Supplying deer hunters and nature enthusiasts with premium wildlife food plot seeds.
We specialize in wildlife food plots!
Available in August
If you are purchasing more than 50 lbs of seed, please contact us for an accurate shipping amount
(our cart adds $35 to any order over 36 lbs, you may need to pay additional shipping if your order is greater than 36 lbs)
bulb-producing plots
(ie: Ballistic 1 year -
oats, wheat, corn,
soybeans, annual clover,
etc. the next year)
(total number of pounds):

1 - 5 lbs      $7.95
6-12 lbs       $12.95
13-20 lbs    $18.50
21-35 lbs    $27.00
36-50 lbs    $35.00
50 lbs or>     $ ask

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