Winfred Forage Brassicas, Kale, Rutabaga, Collard
Greens, Big Dog Forage Radish, Purple Top Turnip,
Dwarf Essex Rape

  • Annual
  • Delicious!
  • Huge Leaves
  • Extreme Cold Tolerance

Plant mid-July 15 - August 31 (upper mid-west dates)  

Rodeo™ brings the most palatable, impressive
brassicas you can put in a food plot.  Very cold tolerant
with stay green power. Big leaves, huge bulbs, good

Outperformed Ballistic™ in field trials!   If you love
Ballistic™, give
Rodeo™ a try!  

Draw more deer for Hunting Season!  
Keeps them digging all winter!
1.75 lbs (1/4 Acre)  $13.95
7 lbs (1 Acre)  $34.95
21 lbs (3 Acres) $94.95
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bulb-producing plots
(ie: Ballistic 1 year -
oats, wheat, corn,
soybeans, annual clover,
etc. the next year)
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